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All Walton's Coffee is specially blended exclusively for
Walton's by Cuvée Coffee in Austin Texas. Vacuum
sealed for freshness in 12oz packages.


  • Seasonal Roast 12oz (34g)

    Seasonal Roast

    Whole Bean or Ground

  • Walton's Espresso 12oz (34g)

    Whole Bean or Ground

  • Walton's House Blend 12oz (34g)

    Whole Bean or Ground

The Good Stuff
Sassies up beef, poultry, pork, seafood, soups, salads &
sauces - or just sassy up your favorite dish!
Available in 8oz and 16oz packages.


  • The Good Stuff 8oz (227g)


    • The Good Stuff 16oz (454g)


      Bessence Candles


      Every Bessence® candle is poured, cleaned and packed
      individually, by hand. using a specially formulated soy based wax,
      designed for our high fragrance levels.

      This meticulously crafted mixture is combined with eco-friendly
      100% lead free paper wicks to produce an exquisite smelling candle
      that burns cleanly and evenly for up to 50 hours (up to 15 hours for
      smaller sizes).

      The packaging and package inserts incorporate re-cycled products.
      The four fragrances, exclusive to Bessence® candles, are designed to
      complement the dining experience.
      • Wild Bloomers

        A delicate fusion of Texas Wildflower & tangy TX Grapefruit.

        Regular Size:  10oz | $39.95 
        Travel Size:  2oz. | $13.95
      • Midnight Garden

        Light floral with a hint of Texas Oak, Cedar and Moss.

        Regular Size:  10oz | $39.95 
        Travel Size:  2oz. | $13.95
      • Black Cassis

        An earthly balance of dark currants and Feu de Bois (firewood).

        Travel Size:  2oz. | $13.95
      • Herbs avec Lagniappe

        Fresh Texas Basil with Herbs and a zest of Country Lemon.

        Regular Size:  10oz | $39.95 
        Travel Size:  2oz. | $13.95


      • Aunt Luddy's White Trash Deep South Mix™

        A "Deep South Tradition" snack of pure delight! Crunchy graham cereal, premium chocolate melted throughout, peanut butter raisins AND peanuts all coated with silky confection sugar.... it's deep south delicious!

        11/2LB BAG


        Walton's Doggie Treats


        • Walton's Dog Biscuits - Pack of 2

          Your furry friend is going to love these home-baked doggie treats - twice! Peanut butter and cornmeal - They're bow WOW!




          • Walton's Canvas Tote

            Extra heavy custom-made bleached canvas tote with matching 22" straps. Walton's vintage logo printed on the side. 10 1/2" x 14" x 5"


            Waltons Gift Card Image


            • Gift Cards

              Gift cards may only be applied to purchases made on the premises of Walton's Fancy and Staple on Pecan at 609 W. 6th St., Austin Texas 78701. The card must be presented at the time of purchase. Gift cards may not be used to make purchases on this or any other website.

            Gift cards expire 5 years after the date of issue or the date that funds were last loaded. Cards will not be replaced if lost, stolen, altered or used without the card holder's consent. Gift cards may not be used for gratuities nor redeemed for cash; when used the user will not be issued any cash back. There is a $1.50 fee that will be added to the cost of the gift card when purchased, for shipping. Shipping is limited to U.S. only.